Bristol named as the best place to live in the UK

12th January 2016

Bristol named as the best place to live in the UK

Bristol has been identified as the best city in the UK to live for wealth and happiness following a new study by

The recently published study ranked the UK’s 12 largest cities according to their quality of life for adults and focused on factors such as the cost of living, growth of disposable income, property market activity and unemployment rates.

Bristol claimed first prize after the study revealed it had one of the lowest unemployment rates in the UK at just 8%, and has had the highest disposable income growth. The average salary in Bristol is also the third highest in the UK at £22,293, which is nearly £1,000 more than UK average of £21,473.

London ranked seventh in the study, despite it having the highest average wage, while Bradford was uncovered as the hardest place in the UK to make a living.

In recent years, Bristol has strengthened its reputation as an environmentally-friendly city and is now home to many ethical and sustainable businesses and charitable enterprises. Additionally, with one of the world’s top universities residing here as well as a thriving property market, the city’s economy has flourished making it a great place to live, work and study.

David Alder, Director of Marketing and Communications at the University of Bristol has said “I've been telling people for years that Bristol's the best place to live and I'm very pleased to see this survey making it official! It's yet another sign that Bristol is on absolutely the right track for attracting more investment, jobs, visitors and new residents.”

Rankings in descending order: Bristol, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, London, Belfast, Glasgow, Birmingham, Sheffield, Bradford.

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